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I am committed to co-creating with my clients the next generation of healthy organizations, the next generation of organizations that are good for the bottom line – and good for the soul.

I believe that we are at the cusp of a new world of work, a new paradigm. The trouble is that 99.9% of the traditional practices we employ in business right now are rooted in an old paradigm that is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

I offer my clients a radical re-thinking around leadership and growth. I bring them profound practices for creating engagement around work that matters, and which benefits everyone involved.

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Mastering Conversation as the Source of Change

Conversation is the work. That’s all there is. Nothing you want to do with your organization is going to happen outside of a conversation.

‘Building Leadership Capability’ is a conversation.

‘Creating & Communicating Strategy’ is a conversation.

‘Improving Employee Engagement’ is a conversation.

‘Managing Change’ is a conversation.

‘Culture’ is a conversation. Indeed, your corporate culture is the conversations that happen in it.

The greater, bolder, more authentic, more intentional the conversations are that take place in and around your organization, the greater the results.

In order to create a shift in your organization – or your team, or your leadership, or the future, or your life – you need to shift the nature and quality of the conversations you are willing to have.

That is my expertise: upgrading conversations so that extraordinary results happen for you.

“Show me a weak result that is happening in your company – or your community, or your life – and I will trace it back to weak conversation, weak language, weak words…”

David Firth TEDx talk, 2012

The default way of thinking about conversation is that it is ‘just talk’ and that speaking is a poor cousin of Action. But that misunderstands the formative power of language. My promise is to bring you a way of utilizing language so that what you need to happen is created rather than ‘just talked about’.





David is simply very committed to bring the best out of me, He spares no effort to be direct, challenging, re-comforting, and most of all, honest about what are the things that are getting in the way of producing the best results.

I asked David to coach me because I wanted some help to understand how I could be my most effective self….he went beyond that to help me to understand that I could go much beyond what I originally thought.

I see the results of David’s coaching in my personal performance through an increase in my self-awareness and my self-confidence; I see myself much more focused on action rather than victimizing myself over problems.

And on top of all of that is it FUN!

Ricardo Pimenta

Global Brand Vice President – Vaseline and St Ives


I have worked with David on a number of occasions on Open Space. First and foremost he brings his absolute belief in the power of the bigger team to create insights and solutions that sub-sections of the team cannot create. This belief shines through and helps convince leaders to empower others to act – and gives the “others” the confidence to step up and make a difference.

As David has now facilitated Open Spaces in many teams, many cultures and different situations he brings to such activities deep expertise. This enables him to shape the conversation, and to make small mid-course adjustments when necessary, to steer the process to great outcomes.

Working with David you know that he is committed to your success and to that of the process. He will invest whatever time it takes upfront to understand the topics to be addressed and stays with you after the process to deliver lasting impact. Finally David always brings to every conversation new points of view which intrigue and challenge you at the same time.




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In Development - new webinar COMING SOON: come here to join in…

This is my leadership-based follow-up to Change Your World One Word at a Time: how the way you speak creates your life.

Change Your Organization One Word at a Time explores the nature and use of language as the foundational tool of leadership. You are not going to be able to make anything happen that does not start as the words coming out of your mouth. Based on the understanding that some forms of language describe reality and some forms create it, Change Your Organization One Word at a Time is a must read.


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The quality of your results is often determined by the quality of your relationships. And the motive force behind relationship is authentic, intentional conversation. Here’s a powerful process that makes possible How to Have a Conversation with Anyone about Anything!

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David Firth is a highly experienced Organizational Development consultant, author and coach. He applies his wide knowledge of OD dynamics through strategies called The Bigger Futures Process and Conversations for Change.

David Firth enables positive organizational change in these areas:

  • Organizational culture, focusing on engagement, collaboration and team work
  • Personal development workshops emphasizing effective communication and relationship-building mindsets and skills
  • The design and facilitation of off-site gatherings that address deep challenges and create powerful solutions
  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • Keynote, motivational speaking that opens the door to change


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