About David Firth

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David is a consultant, facilitator, change management expert, conference speaker and executive coach in progressive organizational development.

Consultant & Executive Coach David Firth helps global clients – and those nearer to his home in Loveland, Northern Colorado – institute profound practices for engagement, enrolment and workforce participation. He brings people back to being the source of change – rather than its victims or objects – by unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of creativity and ownership. This, he suggests, is not a top-down or even bottom-up shift, but an inside-out one.

At the heart of all David’s work are his proprietary COQUORA PROCESS and CONVERSATIONS FOR CHANGE methodologies, which are guaranteed to generate creativity, energy and accountability where there was only resistance, stasis and blame in the past.

He has just created a company called The Coquora Project, whose mission is to create substantive change in communities, local government, healthcare and education, for all stakeholders, by running One Thousand CoQuora Processes around the world over the next five years.

Current and recent clients include the International Olympic Committee, Amnesty International, Unilever and a globally-famous family confectionary business.

As an author, his books stand as a provocative complement to traditional thinking about leadership, and include How to Make Work Fun; The Corporate Fool; From ‘Making a Living’ to Creating a Life and the subject of his recent TEDx talk, Change Your World One Word at a Time.

Further information on David’s consulting and coaching work can be found on this site or at www.coquora.com

People draw together by their very nature, but habit and custom keep them apart

— Translated from Confucius

I was looking for thought leadership – and someone whose methodology focuses on working with large groups and in the space of changing the dynamic around conversations, as that underpins all elements of the change process in my experience. David Firth fitted this bill: both from his challenge to work on “conversations for change” as opposed to “conversations for confirmation” – a pithy focus which demands a solution basis from all and a rejection of the status quo, and from his positive approach and larger than life personality which brings huge energy and enthusiasm to complex change challenges rooted in people’s attitudes and emotions.

— Richard Eastmond
Senior Director of Organization Development & Human Resources
Amnesty International