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I offer change management consulting services to organizations that want to create bigger, exciting futures for all their stakeholders. If that is what you are committed to, then please press the “Book a Call with David” button on the left of this page. I look forward to speaking with you!

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In the meantime, the following text outlines some of the fundamental tenets I hold on engagement and change.

Some Thoughts on Change & Engagement

All of the work I do with organizations and institutions is designed for and with the particular client. The following text is designed as the basis of an exploratory conversation to see if there is ‘fit’ between us, and makes the assumption that a major part of an initial engagement would involve understanding your particular context, aims and objectives and then designing a program of interventions accordingly. However, any and all of the work I do is grounded in a small number of core principles – some of which are outlined here – and are based on my experience of what works in leading change.


Whole System

I work with all groups and levels within a client organization, not just senior leadership. This reflects the truth of the interconnectedness of all ‘parts’ in any change.



People act themselves into the stories they believe about life. The work is to create compelling stories of the future that both express exciting possibilities and demonstrate what I call Identity Shift.


Identity Shift

The foundational aim is to ensure that all parties involved see themselves as active participants on the change journey rather than objects, witnesses, commentators or bystanders to the change. We seek chosen accountability and ownership.


Building Capacity

It is a fallacy that people resist change. People do, however, get frozen by fear – or however that fear is being manifested. The work, then, is to build capacity and confidence for the change by uncovering and identifying individual and collective strength, experience and commitment rather than ‘what’s missing’.


Conversations for Change vs Conversations for Confirmation

My approach focuses on shifting the nature and quality of the conversations that happen every day in the organization as it moves through change. A handful of conversations at the water cooler agreeing on why a change won’t work are massively more powerful than any presentation in a formal change workshop on why the change should. Unless the conversations change over time, then nothing significant will have changed at all.

The future is not somewhere we travel to. It is something we create.

— Charles Handy

From start to finish his services were professional and profoundly impactful. I found David to be ethical and dedicated, responsive to our unique needs and reassuring in his ability to get to the heart of what we were trying to achieve at the conference. There were some serious messages in this for us, but delivered with such humour and generosity of spirit that is unique to David's style, that we positively embraced the key messages. I highly recommend David to any organisation wishing to truly embrace its strengths and weaknesses.

— Jay Williams
(formerly) Culture Development Manager Bath & North East Somerset Council