The High-Performance Communication Academy

transform YOU

transform RESULTS

The High Performance Communication Academy takes a different approach to leadership communication – with profound results.


Everyone knows how important stories are.




What is the ultimate purpose of telling a leadership story?


Is it that…


…you inspire people?

…you transmit core values and important principles?

…you make complex ideas simple for people to understand?

…you motivate people to take action?




All those are great results…but not the ultimate reason you need to be effective in the world of stories.


The ultimate purpose of telling a leadership story…


…is that other people go on to tell that story on your behalf.


Then you will create shared understanding, engagement, and buy-in.


Then you will have the viral effect of a positive culture.


Then you’ll shift strategy into action.


The High-Performance Communication Academy

transform YOU

transform RESULTS


It’s not just that leaders need better story-telling skills.


It’s that they need something potent and dynamic to say.


We help your leaders discover their own authentic, powerful story they want to share so that others choose to engage


It’s not just that your organization needs to create a strategy, vision or mission story that everyone can engage with.


It’s that everyone already has a story about your organization.


We help you create a unique and compelling corporate story that can cut through the noise and have employees, customers and clients engage with and contribute to it

Other applications of this approach include:

Your Compelling Story, where we clarify the core story that will have your business stand out in the marketplace and attract customers and talent

Erasing Silo Mentality, where enhanced communication by all parties breaks down barriers and creates aligned action

High Impact Technical Communication, for engineering, R&D, IT and other professionals who need their clients and colleagues to act on and implement their specialized solutions.

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