Keynote Speaking

Communication is action
Communication is designed to make something happen…

I have spoken at scores of events over the years, from small group gatherings, to leadership team retreats, to arena-sized conferences. Whatever the size of the audience or the nature of the event, I am committed to the idea that any talk I give moves your audience forward – i.e. gives them tangible strategies and tools that has them seeing the future differently.

Consistently, people value my talks because of:


  • The energy I generate in your audience
  • The laughter I provoke
  • The different thinking I inspire.

Knowledge and Inspiration today are worthless…
…without implementation and execution tomorrow

David speaking in London

Each of my keynotes has a unique structure designed to help your audience make sense of my ideas and apply them to their everyday work and life. PLUS!! My keynote fee always includes an optional short workshop with your Senior Leadership Team – held within 24 hours of the keynote – to explore how they can ground the messages I’ve shared in your particular culture.

Speaking Videos

Change Your World One Word at a Time

Work is Love Made Visible

Sample Topics

My most popular speaking topics include the following. Remember, I can present these either as a keynote, or as an expanded workshop from 2 hours duration to a full day. Whatever the format, all events are interactive and focused on making something happened – application – rather than simply learning or inspiration.

How to Make Work Fun!

Making Work Fun

It has been known for many years that organizations with engaged employees perform more at a much higher level than those without. This talk focuses on how every employee can shift their thinking about their job so that they can make work fun – ie enjoyable and productive – for all stakeholders, including their customers.

Change Your World One Word At A Time

The Sweet-spot of Change

Most of our thinking about change is around the ‘how to’. What if change became a ‘want to’? This talk demonstrates not why change should happen but where it happens in our cultures i.e. at an intersection – or sweet-spot – of ‘how we talk to’ each other and the ‘place we come from’. It shows that change is not difficult but something that comes naturally to people – when they enter that sweet-spot of change.

The Corporate Fool

The Corporate Fool

This talk is particularly useful for internal or external consultants, as it explores The Ten Roles of The Corporate Fool – a new model for being a change agent in organizations. The ten roles become ten practical ways of engaging with people to overcome resistance and increase buy-in.

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