The Performance Program: Communication is Action

enhance PRESENCE

Once described by a happy client as ‘advanced presentation skills on steroids’, The Performance Program is a two day course for leaders who want to tap into the power of storytelling as a way of deepening engagement with all stakeholders and accelerating results in their business.

The Program enhances confidence, self-worth and personal power: it is about valuing and celebrating your capacity, through your communication, to shape the world for your employees and your customers.

It develops presence, authenticity and connection as critical skills in today’s business environment.

The result of The Performance Program is that you will dramatically increase your ability to have people

  • pay attention to  you
  • ‘get’ your message and then, critically,
  • Take Action on what you have to say

I run The Performance Program for groups of individuals within the same organization, or for intact teams (there is often a significant team-building effect that emerges when intact teams do this work together).

With this approach, communication becomes

a powerful form of action.

We stop talking about things so much,

and start talking so that things can happen.

Other applications of this approach include Your Compelling Story, where leaders clarify the core story that will have their business stand out in the marketplace and attract customers; Erasing Silo Mentality, where enhanced communication by all parties breaks down barriers and creates aligned action; and High Impact Technical Communication, for engineering, R&D, IT and other professionals who need their clients and colleagues to act on and implement their specialized solutions.

If this fresh and results-oriented approach to communication sounds like something you’d like to talk about with me, then please press the Book a Call with David button on the left side of this page. I look forward to speaking with you!