What’s Your Big Idea?

What’s Your Big Idea? is an intensive program of discovery, self-expression and communication.

What’s Your Big Idea? will help you locate your genius – your one key message you want to be known for – explore its capacity for resonating and inspiring the world, and shape your message so that its essence comes through you powerfully and clearly. I am gifted in helping people move beyond fear so that they can communicate with grace and confidence

I can’t promise what your outcome will be – because your message is unique to you – but I can promise is that this will be a magical, transformative, and fun journey.



What’s involved? What is my time commitment?

The program includes seven 1-2-1 sessions with me where we identify, develop and articulate your essential purpose and idea. The sessions are run by Skype or Facetime* and you’ll receive an audio recording of each one so that you can review and retrieve insights without having to worry so much about note-taking.

The sessions are spread over the course of 3 months from the date of your first. That’s long enough to go deep, and compact enough to produce huge breakthroughs. This program is a catalyst for your work.

There will be online and email ‘homework’ for you to reflect on and complete between sessions. You’ll be given The Communication Manual and other pdfs from me that share tools, approaches and methods that you’ll be able to use on this program, and for ever beyond it.

There will also be an optional closed Facebook or Linked In group to share your journey with other participants and tap into their insights.

* If you prefer face to face coaching, live sessions can be arranged at my workspace in Loveland, CO.

What’s the fee?

The fee for the What’s Your Big Idea? program is $7500.

Do you follow any particular method or philosophy?

I have been helping people find the essence of what they want to say and express it with clarity and ease for over 25 years. And this is the first time I have brought together what’s worked most into one compact process. You will have full access to my original tools and models that I haven’t shared beyond the personal and corporate clients I’ve worked over those 25 years.

This process is really not about following a rigid program structure. You will experience this as a process of self-discovery, exploration and expression, gently and happily guided by my coaching. If it’s not fun and exciting for you, I’m failing you! But that won’t happen.

What I can also say about this program is that it is grounded in a Hero’s Journey approach, inviting people to wake up to the Journey they are inevitably on, and by applying increasing levels of awareness to it, they discover the ‘story’ they were born to share with the world.

You only ever go on Your Journey – no-one else’s. And the truth you have to discover from that journey can only be internalized and then articulated by you, and no-one else. The world needs you to find that, and share it.


What if I’m scared of public speaking?

It’s almost a cliche now to be reminded of the fact that ‘most people are more afraid of speaking in public than of dying’. I have helped hundreds of people discover that this fear – like all fears – is a trick of the mind and that being able to speak with confidence and ease in front of any group or audience is only one thought away (and that’s not imagining your audience naked!).

And this is a confidence that ripples out into all aspects of your life and work!

What if I’m not sure I really want to speak at an event or on a big stage?

One of the consistent threads of my work over the last 25 years has been helping people get ready to deliver great presentations and speeches to groups large and small. This is always an inside-out process and a personal development journey. How we communicate ‘out here’ is directly linked to what we are thinking ‘in here’: it’s not about skill, it’s about being you.

In other words, working on your talk – even if you decide not to add ‘keynote/conference speaking’ to your professional repertoire – will always have positive personal benefits derived from clarity, confidence and completely releasing any blocks to your full self-expression.

Furthermore, finding your Big Idea is not the end point. Knowing how to structure and design your thoughts into concepts, metaphors and stories that resonate with your audience – those are skills which have benefits in all your communication and not just in the world of ‘public-speaking’.

You mention TED a couple of times. What if I don’t want to do a TED Talk?

I use TED here as an example of how ideas, brilliantly articulated, can inspire and galvanize our audiences – your audiences. Elsewhere I have written about ‘doing a TED talk’ as an educational and inspirational metaphor for clarifying life and communication purpose, and for personal and leadership development. If you don’t see yourself on a TED stage, then we’ll find and articulate your Big Idea in the context of whoever and wherever your audience is right now – whether that be in workshops, in writing, through your leadership, your coaching practice, or in your business marketing.

If you are keen to speak at TED event, I can share my experience and help you begin the process of applying to any locally-organized events. But one quick disclaimer: while I have spoken at a TEDx event, I have no direct affiliation with the TED brand or business. This program carries no connection to anyone in the TED business and does not imply a guarantee of becoming a TED speaker. Apart from that, it will be amazing!


What will we cover in our sessions?

The first sessions will be in-depth, individualized strategic and creative conversations, identifying The Ground You Stand On and Your Big Idea.

We will then look at how this idea is going to help you before it can help others. How are you living your life in alignment with your chosen message? 
How could it help you solve arising challenges (even if it doesn’t seem immediately relevant)?  
Possible applications could be:

  • Making a career change
  • Leading a team
  • Growing a business
  • Enhancing a significant relationship
  • Writing a book

Your life and work right now is the Curriculum! 
How could your own ‘Big Idea’’ take your life or career to the next level?

Throughout  we work on developing your self-expression, communication and storytelling skills to build your talk and enhance your connections with others.

You’ll become a communicator of power and influence, able to connect with any audience in any situation you are currently facing in your life right now. We’ll explore what it takes to speak so that people truly listen to, and act on, your words.

If you want to talk with me to see if there’s a fit for you and this program, schedule a time by clicking the “Book a Call with David” button on the left side of this page.

Or if you have questions and would like to discuss this program in more detail, drop me a note:

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It was pleasure to work with you and the greatest compliment I can pay you, my friend, is that you helped me be true to myself and just be me.

– SB

Your support has been transformational for me.

– MD

I find amazing insight and clarity when we are in session. Now I feel like I know where I am heading and how to get there.

– MV

I feel more connected to myself, and I also have found myself pursuing new avenues that, once I was aware of what my work and my message are, almost magically showed up.

– HC

A great opportunity – David is an outstanding communicator and he gave me tremendous support to structure my thoughts.

– JK

It was great to experience David’s knowledge on how to shape an exciting story. His communication skills are really world class.

– LK